For pastors and church leaders who truly want to take their church to the next level of effective ministry and multiplying discipleship.

Change is the beginning of revolution. Change is the start of transformation. Without change, the end draws near. That's a fact of life. Businesses die everyday, simply because they won't change. We see it everywhere. And churches lie empty and dormant across this land for the very same reason. Enough change takes place over time that churches that were once full and vibrant and attractive now sit empty and cold. Or they remain open with a declining number of people, focused on God but irrelevant to man.

The purpose of this book is to challenge us and to show us how to aggressively change the things in our own church culture that will then allow us to influence and impact our surrounding communities. We want to be followers of Christ, bringing radical transformation to a world that's desperately lost. If the entire structure and programming of the church is focused on mobilizing disciples to go and bring their friends to Christ, then those friends will be coming to Christ, coming to church, growing into disciples and then going after their friends! This Biblical mindset needs to drive everything! Everything must change that's not moving us toward God's actual will for our churches.

If the entire structure and programming of the church has deteriorated into something that simply maintains itself, like an old folk's home, we will die! New life won't come with great new ideas, new programs or new structures. New life will rise out of a fresh awakening to an old, but ageless truth- go and make disciples who go! Get ready for thirteen chapters filled with loads of details about what church should really look like. Every chapter builds toward the final product- turning self-serving people into multiplying disciples, filled with the Spirit and focused on the Mission!

About the Author

Dale Edwardson is a coach, consultant, trainer and speaker, as well as pastoring part-time at Leeward Community Church on Oahu, Hawaii. He recently served as the National Church Health Director for the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He and his wife, Gwen, have also led in church planting, pastoring, and regional church leadership for over thirty-five years. Pastoring a church that grew from 100 to 2000 over 24 years, Dale has personally experienced the many stages and struggles of church growth and church health. Having shared with thousands of pastors and church leaders, Dale’s greatest desire is to help reshape and empower today’s church. Dale and Gwen have three great sons and daughter-in-laws and ten amazing grandchildren.

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Dale has written a very practical and useful tool in helping churches become more focused on disciple-making. Loaded with tools and resources, Dale has years of experience and a passion to see the Church alive and vibrant. Use this book as a way to move your ministry forward for greater effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission."- Dr. Dann Spader
President of Global Youth Initiative and Founder of Sonlife Ministries.

Of all that Jesus said, two promises have motivated The Christian and Missionary Alliance: "I will build my church"" and "I will come again." With passion and energy, Dale Edwardson coaches church leaders and churches of all sizes to become disciple-making faith communities that impact their neighborhoods and the nations. Encouraging a thorough evaluation of both the obvious and the obscure aspects of the local church, this book is guaranteed to stir up questions and stimulate a fresh look at your church. Dale speaks with "hands on" experience as he has served both in C&MA pastoral ministry and denominational leadership/training."

- Gary Benedict
President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, U.S.

If you want a business as usual kind of read than this book is not for you. Dale does a masterful job in challenging his readers to think - really think. It is not enough to go through the motions in our church leadership. Too much is at stake and the need for more than cosmetic change is critical. Dale writes; "We are less adventurous with every decade and often live our lives around the security of established fixtures from our past." It is time to rethink, review and refocus the way we lead our churches. This book is both motivational and practical. It is written with piercing clarity and profound realism. It will carefully but unapologetically push into the places we feel most vulnerable and insecure but thankfully does not leave us hanging. Dale offers sound advice and innovative solutions that help us "change it up!" This is a must read."

- Rev. David Hearn
President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada

Perhaps you have thought about how helpful it would be to hire a church growth consultant to walk beside you in ministry, to help assess the effectiveness of your church and make good suggestions about a way forward. Most of us would like a mentor that, but most of us can't afford it! Dale Edwardson is just that kind of person. He has read all the books you wish you could have read, and he has visited a thousand churches- some of them just like yours. If you can't hire a consultant, then the next best thing might be to read this book. It will give you new eyes on what your church is doing and how you can do it much more effectively."

- Rev. John Soper
Pastor of Ridgeway Alliance Church and former Church Planter,
Field Director, District Superintendent and Vice-President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

The past couple of decades have been filled with talk about what it means to "do church." Too often lost in that conversation was what it means to "make disciples". This book brings those conversations together. At times provocative, always practical and unapologetically passionate for the church, the author challenges leadership to make the changes necessary to transform their church, whatever its style, into a disciplemaking community."

- David C Freeman
Vice President, Strategic Interface for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

Dale Edwardson writes from a pastor's heart for the church in the 21st century. This work is full of practical "nuts and bolts" for a healthy congregation that Dale has learned from decades of effective ministry in the trenches. Anyone - pastors and laypeople alike - who wants to reproduce disciples can glean valuable nuggets here."

- Dr. Rick Sessoms
President, Freedom to Lead International

The church must break free from the "consumer culture" that has been created over the past 30 years. Too many christians simply go to church expecting to "buy" a good sermon, a good worship experience or a good children's and youth ministry. This has created a generation of passive disciples who are not impacting their neighborhoods, their culture and ultimately their world. Dale Edwardson has written "Change it Up" to reverse this trend and lead us back to real discipleship. I strongly recommend this resource to Pastors and leaders. It is part of the solution to help set us free."

- Dr. Ron Walborn
Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary and Nyack College

For the pastor or church that has always wanted to hire a church consultant but didn't think they could afford one, Change It Up! is the next best thing to being there! The practical advice contained in these pages will help the newest pastor, the "stuck-in-the-middle-of-life" pastor and the pastor whose church can't see past the way they have "always done things around here." When you are done working through Change It Up! you will never look at your church the same again."

- Dr. Rich Brown
Vice President for Student Development- Simpson University

With the desire to move the local church back to its' intended mandate, in Change It Up, Dale Edwardson has provided for the church a comprehensive toolbox filled with about every tool imaginable for leaders in all the ministries of the local church for moving in a new and effective direction toward effective growth and disciple making. These are not theories with Dale. These tools have been proven as assets in his own ministry and the ministries of the hundreds of churches Dale has counseled toward change."

- Bill Malick
National Director for Church Multiplication and founder of The Church Multiplication Training Center
and BootCamps for Church Planters

This Companion Assessment Tool provides the opportunity to take your entire church leadership team on a significant journey toward transformation and change. Look at yourselves like perhaps you never have before. Discover where you are either distracting or attracting visitors. Examine hundreds of details throughout your ministry. Read the book. Go through this seventy-five page assessment first individually and then as a team. Then form action plans that will help you move to the next level of ministry and disciplemaking!

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